ALGTOP-L: Algebraic Topology mailing list.

This mailing list began as a discussion group in July 1995, and was converted to an automated moderated listserv in Sept 2007. It was originally created and hosted by Don Davis at Lehigh University, until Oct 2023, when it was tranfered to this site. It is now managed by Charles Rezk at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with the assistance of others.

The primary functions of this listserv are providing information about topology conferences and jobs, and serving as a forum for topics related to algebraic topology.

You can join the mailing list in one of the following ways:

  1. Go to, and choose "Subscribe" from the left-hand side.
  2. Send an email to from the address you want to subscribe from, with Subject line "subscribe algtop-l FirstName LastName". Leave the message body blank.
You will need to wait for your subscription to be approved by a moderator.

To manage your subscription, go to the, and click the "Local Login" button at the upper left. Then choose "first login?" below to create an account, using the same email address that you used to subscribe to the list. (People with addresses can use "Campus Login" instead.)

To post to the list (if you are a subscriber), send an email to

You can also unsubscibe by email in the same way that you can subscribe, using the Subject-line "unsubscribe algtop-l".

Archives of the mailing list are available starting from 1998.

  1. Messages posted to the list, Jan 1998-Sep 2007.
  2. Archives of the listserv, Sep 2007-Oct 2023.
  3. Archives on the current server, Oct 2023-now.

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