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Charles Rezk

phone: (217) 265-6309
office: 257 CAB (Computing Applications Building, 605 E Springfield Ave)
office hours: MWF 2-3pm, in my office. I can be also be available by Zoom: email me to let me know you are coming, and join zoom using the instructions below.
zoom: Link is here (netid needed to see this: if you can't access that page, email me).

Spring 2024:

Fall 2023:

Spring 2023:

Spring 2022:

Here is a short course on the complex representation theory of finite groups, based on material prepared for the Math 427 course I taught in Fall 2020.

Here are some of my papers, miscellaneous writings, and presentations.

I'm at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I can be reached at the email address

Here is my cv.

My MathSciNet profile.

My ORCID profile: ORCID iD

Useful links

ALGTOP-L, the algebraic topology mailing list.

A discord server for algebraic topology.

A list of conferences in topology another one.

Here is a list of sources on the history of algebraic topology that I compiled in 2013 for no reason that I can remember now.

Charles Rezk in Prague

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